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Valiant Trailer

Valiant – Yahoo! Movies Exclusive Trailer

I had such high hopes for this trailer. Surely if anyone could rise above the tendencies of animated flicks to play to the lowest common denominator it was the British, right?

Unfortunately it seems they weren’t. The trailer for Valiant contains the same type of humor running rampant in Shrek and the like (read: Those movies from just about everyone but Pixar). I love slapstick humor but only when it’s done well. Anybody attempting to do it would do well to ignore Adam Sandler and study instead The Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle etc.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Teaser Trailer

Apple – Trailers – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Franchises are increasingly using nostalgia as a means to engender good will for their latest entries. One quarter or so of Revenge of the Sith’s teaser trailer was made up of footage from the five preceding movies. Land of the Dead does the same thing and pretty much relies on it as well.

So to the trailer for the latest Harry Potter entry. The only difference is this one uses it to better effect than the two examples above. The first part of the trailer shows clips of Harry, Ron and Hermione from all three previous movies and then a clip from Goblet of Fire. Since one of the main plot points in the series has been how they grow up this approach makes a lot of sense. It also reminds us just how young these kids looked when the series started.

After getting that out of the way the trailer moves into standard plot-setup territory. Something about a competition that will earn the victor eternal fame or some such. Not being a follower of the books or the movies (I’ve only ever seen the first one and didn’t care for it) I wasn’t that interested but I’m guessing Harry and his pals find a way to come out on top, if not statistically than at least morally.


Twin Sisters Trailer

IFILM – Movies: Twin Sisters

The plot seems interesting but I’m not sure the trailer does the movie justice. Twin sisters are separated at a young age and then come together again only to find they hold opposite idealogies in wartime Germany.

The narration of the trailer is a bit on the heavy-handed side but I loved the sepia-toned cinematography.


Hustle & Flow and Four Brothers Official Sites

Not much there for either one of these movies yet (Hustle has a trailer) but at least Paramount has staked out their cyber-territory.

Four Brothers

Hustle & Flow


Must Love Dogs Poster

Must Love Dogs Poster

Pretty basic poster for the new romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Diane Lane. I’m really hoping Cusack pulls himself out of whatever funk he’s been in for the last five years and starts stretching himself as an actor again.

Maybe Jeremy Piven, Joan Cusack and Tim Robbins need to stage an intervention.

Piven: Johnny, we’re here because we care about you.
Robbins: That’s right. I understand the need to do a “paycheck” picture every now and again. Mission To Mars wasn’t exactly Shakespeare but it did pay pretty well.
Piven: It’s just that you’ve been doing this too long now and we’re afraid you can’t solve the problem on your own.


Legend of Zorro Trailer

Legend of Zorro Trailer

ComingSoon.net has a look at two new character-centric posters for the sequel Legend of Zorro. One features Antonio Banderas as the non-Johnny Cash man in black.

The other, quite frankly, features Catherine Zeta-Jones’ bosoms, which may be one of the top three (would that be two of the top four?) selling points of this movie.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & Dominion: Exorcist Posters

JoBlo.com Movie News: Kiss/Potter poster

Love the Dominion poster. Reports are that this version of the Exorcist prequel is more religously-focused/inspired and this conveys that theme quite nicely.

So-so on the KKBB poster. Reminds me of 2 Days in the Valley for some reason.

Already commented on the Harry Potter poster.


Dukes of Hazzard Trailer

Dukes of Hazzard Trailer

I’m going to see this one but I’ll hate myself in the morning.

The trailer works, unfortunately, remarkably well. It’s fast-paced, funny and shows the movie has more potential than it should rightfully have. There’s not a sour note in the thing as we’re introduced to Bo, Luke, Uncle Jesse, Boss Hogg, the General Lee and, most importantly, Daisy.

It’s obvious the filmmakers are going to have a lot of fun at the expense of Jessica Simpson’s body but I think that’s alright since she’s been doing that herself for years. The only question mark the trailer still leaves hanging is whether or not the reports are true that the Confederate flag does not, in fact, appear on the top of the Lee. There are no shots of the roof so we’ll have to wait until the movie for that.

It also looks like Knoxville and Scott have a good amount of comedic chemistry between them which, no matter how tight Simpson’s shirts might be, will make or break the movie.