So yeah.

If everyone can keep their comments to a low din I would appreciate it. It’s not so much a hangover as it is a dull white noise that keeps whirling in my noggin.

There was free drinking and free feasting for all at last night’s Key Art Awards at the Kodak “Oscar” Theater. I worked the red carpet mightily, if I could be so self-serving as to say that, and talked to John Cho (Harold and Kumar) and Sarah Silverman (real easy on the eyes, but looks like she could tear a dude or two in half) . Both those cats were great to chat with and while I have lots to say about it I do have to reserve it for my time in the Trailer Park over at Movie Poop HOWEVER, you guys and girls are getting a sneak preview by knowing that this was my first red carpet experience.

I do have to tell you, though, in all honesty, it IS everything you think it could be. It wasn’t rough at all. In fact, I don’t remember an experince in recent memory that compares quite to it.

Anyway, you didn’t come here to hear me wank it like a naughty little Keebler elf.

You want to know what’s new in trailer land as of late?

Try this on your 10 gallon head for size. Bo and Luke Duke?

or how’s about this one…

Mr. and Mrs.

Look, I know my wife she’s not going because of what Angelina “DID” to Brad and Jen’s marriage, whatever that means, but I am really looking forward to this. Is anyone else?