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Serenity Site Update

Serenity Hot on the heels of the trailer debut the other day, the site for Serenity has updated with a ton of material. New stuff includes a photo gallery and a section of downloads, including a wallpaper that now graces my work PC. Gone is the all-but-abandoned blog, which is a shame. It appears Universal… Continue reading Serenity Site Update

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NevOn: Will Paris' podcast have character?

NevOn: Will Paris' podcast have character? Neville Hobson asks the $1,000 question: Does Paris' podcast fall under the general heading of "character blog"? I would think yes and I told him so in the comments so click on through to read the full post. --Chris

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House of Wax Podcast

HOUSE OF WAX Worst. Five minutes. Ever. So I listened to Paris Hilton's podcast which is (at least it's supposed to be) part of the marketing push for her upcoming flick House of Wax. There's only one problem: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FRIGGIN' MOVIE! Here's a quick run-down of the contents of… Continue reading House of Wax Podcast