George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead – Yahoo! Movies Exclusive Trailer

A good portion of the trailer for Land of the Dead is committed to reminding people of George A. Romero’s previous movies, which doesn’t bode well in my mind for this one. It seems to me (just as it did for the Episode III teaser) that if you’re spending that much time on nostalgia then you’re obviously trying to prop up feelings for the new stuff by psychologically tying it to something already loved.

Really, what does Romero have to add to the genre nowadays? There are so many hacks doing horror (in fact I think that’s where they go when they can’t get other work) that the whole shooting match has been corrupted. Not that I don’t want a master like Romero to succeed, it’s just that he’s really got to create something outstanding to break through the clutter. Showing so much archival footage doesn’t make me think this is going to be anything special. Too bad.