Lucky You Product Placement


Remember how I just said (in the post below on Must Love Dogs) that product placement would be increasing as time went on? Click the story above for more evidence.


This Site is the #1 Movie Blog In America!!*

Ryan Anderson

Over at his site Ryan Anderson goes on a little mini-rant:

I’m getting sick of hearing “#1 Movie in America” in tv spots. Over the past 4 weeks, 4 different movies have been #1. And over the next 4 weeks, 4 different movies will be #1 (likely anyway). Will there be a movie between now and the end of the summer that stays on top for more than a week? I think so. Will there be more than one? Will the new STAR WARS have enough staying power to hold off Adam Sandler’s remake of THE LONGEST YARD?

But Ryan, don’t you know that’s an essential part of the marketing mix? Hyperbole, no matter how transparent, is necessary. I’m not saying it does any good since movies seem to live and die on word of mouth after their opening weekend, but it is necessary for the marketing team to produce these spots. That way they can add a promotion for the “#1” movie in America to their own portfolio and can pull that out when they’re looking for another job.

Seriously, my belief is that everyone knows that the “#1” ads don’t really do anything. We’ve seen time and time again that the most vacuous critically lambasted piece of shit can be the number one movie in the country on its opening weekend. The real purpose of these is for the studios to pat themselves on the back.

I also think that these promos are produced before opening weekend and then are aired simply to justify the cost of creating them. There’s no other reason for it. True, there are some lemmings in the audience who will say, “___ was the number one movie this weekend? It must be great and I will go see it immediately.” Those people are also swayed by ads for the leading toothpaste, cereal and laundry detergent despite research showing brand loyalty is created at a young age and continues into adulthood.

My advice is to let the “#1” ads fade into the white noise that permeates most programming.


*If America is defined to only include my office cubicle.

Saint Ralph Trailer

Saint Ralph Trailers & Clips – Yahoo! Movies

I can envision the pitch for this one: Angela’s Ashes meets Chariots of Fire. Must have made for a great meeting.

Campbell Scott plays a priest who, against what seems to be the conventional wisdom of his superiors and the town around him, coaches a young boy to run in the 1954 Boston Marathon. Around this is a coming of age tale where the boy finds first love and deals with a mother who lies comatose in a hospital bed.

All of this is presented in the trailer, meaning the studio is actually trying to sell the movie for what it is. That’s actually rarer than it would seem to be and Samuel Goldwyn Films and its partners deserve credit for it.


Yes Trailer

Apple – Trailers – Yes

Quirky, fast-paced and completely sans dialogue, this is a mediocre trailer for what I’ve read is an above-average movie. It’s great to see someone like Joan Allen play a character still sexually alive and not cede that territory to younger actresses.


Jiminy Glick in La La Wood Trailer

IFILM – Movies: Jiminy Glick in La La Wood

Well that just looks awful. At least Steve Martin has the good sense to look like he’s in pain.


Must Love Dogs Trailer – Bewitched, Must Love Dogs, The Wedding Crashers in Theaters this Summer

An interesting little trailer from Warner Bros. for their new romantic comedy starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. There’s not much substance to it, but what did you expect? It’s a romantic comedy. Cusack is still trying valiantly to rise above the material he’s given and, if the lines in the trailer are any indication, does so rather well. Still, it’s time for him to really get back in the game. He’s too good an actor to not be challenging himself creatively., where this trailer is making its debut, is featured in said trailer and in the movie itself. Product placement is big money folks, make no mistake about it. I’d expect to see more of these situations as time goes on.


Sky High Poster Movie News: Sky High poster

Here (or there as the case may be) is the poster for Sky High, a live-action Disney family film. It’s nice to see Kurt Russell return to his Disney roots but that’s the extent of my knowledge of this one. More sure to come.