War Of the World Promotion

Moviefone is looking for a correspondent to interview celebrities on the red carpet at the premiere of War of the Worlds. Click here for more information.


Flightplan Trailer

MSN: Flightplan

This looks, well, moderately engaging. It’s briskly edited and contains lots of Jodie Foster (it’s about time she’s back in a movie) running up and down an airplane’s aisles but there’s no real sense of suspense to it. Instead it looks like a mix of The Forgotten and Passenger 57. Judge for yourself.

(Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.)


Batman Begins International Poster

actuacine.net ::: Batman Begins international french movie poster king size

French Batman Begins poster. They put up some token resistance to this being released but ultimately surrendered pretty quickly.

(Thanks to SuperHeroHype for the heads-up.)


Batman Begins on EW Cover

EW Previews Batman Begins

Well I’m just shocked – shocked! – to find Batman Begins, arguably the tentpole of the summer for Warner Brothers, so prominently displayed on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, a Time-Warner entertainment magazine. Didn’t see that coming. Really. Last thing I would have expected. No, seriously.


War of the Worlds Updates

Coming Soon! – Latest News

ComingSoon.net has some updates on the release schedule for War of the Worlds materials. Here’s a quick version:

Early May: New teaser poster.

May 19: New trailer, most likely in front of Star Wars: Episode III but possibly online before that.

Early June: Final theatrical poster.

June 15: Longer trailer in front of Batman Begins.

Take this with as many grains of salt as you like.


Serenity Trailer

FireflyMovie.com – News

Word has come down from Joss Whedon himself that tomorrow (Tuesday) will see the online debut of a trailer for Serenity. It’ll be online through Apple (but linked off the official site) and then hit theaters Friday. Ahead of what I’m not sure. The logical choice would be Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but that’s a Touchstone flick, whereas Serenity is from Universal.

Here’s what I found to be interesting about how the announcement was made: The Serenity official site has a blog. The blog hasn’t been updated since September, 2004. Joss weighed in with the news of the trailer on the message boards accessible only to people who have “joined the Browncoats”, this being the way Universal has lured people into registering.

What’s the point of having a blog – ostensibly to be used as a means of communication of current breaking news – if you’re not going to update it for seven months and not use it to make a major announcement like a trailer debut? Some studios still just don’t get it.