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Netflix Marketing Theatrical Releases to Customers

Hacking NetFlix : Netflix Marketing Theatrical Releases to Customers This is an interesting development in the marketing of new movies. Essentially studios are buying the database developed and maintained by NetFlix of what their customers have rented and deciding which new releases they would be inclined to see. The studios are then sending them targeted… Continue reading Netflix Marketing Theatrical Releases to Customers

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith Poster Movie News: Smith one-sheet Just as Warner did with the Miss Congeniality posters and Dimension did with Sin City, Fox now forgoes all claims to originality and simply combines/alters the teaser images into a final theatrical poster. I understand that getting big stars to pose for promotional images can be tough. They work hard… Continue reading Mr. & Mrs. Smith Poster

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Star Wars: Episode III TV Ads

Star Wars: Episode III | Ads & Trailers Archive Finally had the chance to check out the TV ads for Ep. III. They are tight, well paced and contain a surprising amount of new footage. I can't help but feel, though, that they concentrate too much on the visuals and not enough on the story,… Continue reading Star Wars: Episode III TV Ads

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Star Wars Podcasts

TheForce.Net - Latest News - Our First Podcast Well, not exactly. In actuallity, my favorite source of news for the Star Wars universe, has put up its' first podcast, complete with RSS feed. This is interesting considering we're less than two months away from Episode III's release. Check it out. I'll be back with… Continue reading Star Wars Podcasts

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Chicken Little Poster

Tastes Like Chicken Little The first effort by Disney to produce a CGI motion picture sans Pixar gets its first poster. The view comes to us courtesy of CinemaBlend. It's a pretty clever image, showing Chicken Little's..ummm...ass sticking up in the air. Still, the message it conveys is clear, that the main character is afraid… Continue reading Chicken Little Poster