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Movie Marketing Madness: Sahara

I had considered using "Fever Pitch," the latest opus from comedic mastermind Jimmy Fallon, as the topic for this week’s article. Then I remembered how many multi-state killing sprees, including my own (don’t tell anyone) the man’s alleged “comic-stylings” are responsible for. My decision ultimately came down to not wanting to be accountable for anymore… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Sahara

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Well, I guess whoring is my only recourse…

I don't especially enjoy doing this but I believe in being straight-forward with my readers. I need to start making some money off this whole writing thing and so I'm letting you all know how you can support my efforts here at Movie Marketing Madness: The Blog. 1) Shopping at by clicking the link… Continue reading Well, I guess whoring is my only recourse…

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Crash Poster

Cinematical This really is looking a more and more interesting movie the more I see of it. The poster linked to above is fantastic in its use of light and shadows. Also in its favor is the lack of 1,285-point type for any of the cast, even the bigger names, marking it as a true… Continue reading Crash Poster

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Batman Begins Poster Movie News: Cool Batman poster JoBlo has a look at a new Batman Begins poster which is just as friggin' cool as the rest of them. Whatever the movie ends up being the marketing for this has been first-rate. The trailers have all kicked ass the posters have been uniformly moody and cool and… Continue reading Batman Begins Poster