Back around the beginning of the month I set myself up with subscriptions to the various studios’ email newsletters. A while ago I had been getting MGM’s email but never found it to include anything, you know, useful so I discontinued it.

Then I started thinking that studios must be better at the newsletter thing now. They must realize people really would like to know what is going on with their movie productions and other information. These things, I thought at the time, are probably chock full of nuggets an aspiring journalist can post to his weblog about movie.

Ignorance. That’s all it was.

Since signing up for newsletters from all the studios listed to the left I have gotten a total of 20 emails, five of which were just the generic “Thank You For Signing Up”. The remaining 15 are so bereft of actual content of any use it’s astonishing. Most are alerts that this or that DVD is available. Two of them alerted me (thank goodness) that the website for Jeapordy! had changed.

If studios are not going to put any effort into them and use these established communications methods then there is almost no hope of them adopting any of the suggestions I put out in my Emerging Technologies post. I was hoping that these emails would alert me to site updates or new trailers being available, in short the kind of thing I hope one day they will adopt blogs to promote. Instead they are being used as outlets for the repurposing of magazine advertisements. This concept is useless and insulting to anyone hoping for any kind of substantive information.

Discontinue them or invest some actual work into making them the best they can be. That’s all there is to it.

One thought on “Movie Marketing and Technology: Email Newsletters

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