Movie Journal: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Even more of a toss-off than Mallrats, JSBSB is just Smith and friends having fun. If you go into it expecting nothing more and nothing less you’ll enjoy yourself. Imagine you had the money and say-so Smith had by the time this was being made and it’s not hard to believe he just wanted to make something big and funny as opposed to intimate or heart-rending.

He was closing the book on the Askewniverse (which he will be reopening with Clerks 2 soon) in grand style, bringing back all the elements we were familiar with from the first four flicks. Dogma is the least represented in terms of ties. No major characters return for cameos and the only reference really made is when Jay refers to God as “She”. True, Alanis Morrisette reprises her Dogma role at the end of the credits reel, but that’s about it. Everything else gets some sort of allusion.

Anyway, it’s a good fun flick.


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By Chris Thilk

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