Off the Map Trailer


Directed by Campbell Scott (one of my favorite actors) this movie looks absolutely fantastic. The cast is great, led by Joan Allen and Sam Elliot and it doesn’t look like it veers into the traps independent movies so often do. Instead it seems to be a moving exploration of ones place in life.

Go over and check it out.

(via JoBlo)


Into the Blue Movie Trailer

Moviefone: Into the Blue Movie Trailer Premiere

Check out the trailer for Into the Blue starring Jessica (yummy) Alba. Wish I could but I can’t download the AOL Media plug-in whatever that is. Nice move. Let’s continue to make content unavailble to a wide audience. See how that works out for you.


The Amityville Horror Trailer

The Amityville Horror – A Yahoo! Movies Exclusive

Yahoo! Movies has the first look at the trailer for the Amityville Horror remake starring Van Wilder.

It’s not bad and I say that not being a huge horror fan. Lots of the usual cliches: slamming doors, disappearing creepy little girls and such. What sets this apart is that it looks like Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George (who played Lauren on Alias) actually look they are trying to act in this. This alone sets the movie apart from the countless others starring whomever has a show on the WB at the time.