I Heart Huckabees
DVD: Single Disc, 2-Disk Special Edition
MPAA: R (language and sexual scene)
Budget/Gross: $20M/$12.8M
Market: Enjoy the world of Charlie Kaufmann and Spike Jonze? Then this one is for you. This movie billed itself as an “existential comedy” which probably scared most people away from it. That and the inability of reviewers and previewers to neatly summarize the plot. I haven’t seen it so I can’t either but this one is definitely on my too-see list since I enjoy the work of the two gentlemen above as well as Huckabees director David O. Russells’ Flirting With Disaster.

Get Shorty
DVD: Special Edition
DVD: Special Edition
Market: Two significant reissues this week. Get Shorty is getting the special edition treatment just in time for the release of its sequel, Be Cool. On the other hand, Heat isn’t tied to anything in particular (I actually expected this to be released on the heals of the DVD of director Michael Mann’s latest, Collateral). Fans, however, have been clamoring for a special edition (or at least a non-flipper DVD) of this modern classic. Now they’ve got one.

Off The Beaten Path
Leave Her To Heaven
DVD: Fox Studio Classics Edition
Market: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but I remember this Gene Tierney/Cornel Wilde psychological classic as being very good. Fox continues to impress me with their Studio Classics line – inexpensive but packed with extras.

Television and Box Sets
South Park: Season Five
DVD: Boxset
Market: The same folks who bought season one through four.

King of Queens: Season Three
DVD: Boxset
Market: Again, I’m surprised this didn’t come out just before the opening of Hitch, starring Kevin James opposite Will Smith.

Shield: Season Three
DVD: Box Set
Commish: Season Two
DVD: Box Set
Market: Those who have enjoyed either or both of the two sides of Michael Chiklis as police officer. This is cross-promotion.