I got this comment which provides a quick primer on the John Constantine character as he appears in the actual Hellblazer graphic novel/comic. Since I am a complete ludite on the subject I thought I would repost it for everyone to see.


John Constantine in the comics is a British con man who knows a thing ortwo about what goes on in the world of the Occult. His only claim to fame withthe Occult world that he not only conned the Devil into missing an appointmentwith a friend of his, but pulling the biggest con of them all. Selling his soulto all three kings of Hell to get rid of his lung cancer.

When he died (of sacrifical blood loss), his soul caused a civil war inHell. To bring order, the Devil forfited all John’s contracts & ressurectedhim with a clean conscience & clean lungs.John doesn’t care where his soulgoes. He has seen both Heaven & Hell and considers them both too extreme.

So he makes what he can of his life. He’s been a punk rocker, a socialanarchist & even a carnyThe only thing left to say about the book is thatit’s very plot & character driven. Some of the stuff that happened in thestories have a good possibility of happening or can be easily looked up &/orreferenced.

The film is a direct opposite.

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  1. Hey!

    Thanks for posting my comment. I try to help promote the book since I’ve seen nothing of the press except on a name only basis. I’m also saddened when people who don’t mind the movie, try to explain the differences between the book & the movie in effort to promote the tpbs only to be shot down as “fanboys” & “worry warts”

    For a more in dept history of the Constantine character, feel free to check out a friend of mine’s site: http://www.insanerantings.com/hell/constantine/index.html
    or ask a person who reads the comic. They’ll be glad to help.

    PS: I’ve noticed you read Comic Book Resources. Do you post at the boards?

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