The Interpreter

  • A new poster is online for this Nicole Kidman/Sean Penn thriller.

Miss Congeniality 2

  • There is what could be called a new poster out. In reality it’s the teaser poster after undergoing some Photoshop surgery to make Sandra Bulluck look at the camera. This is awful.


  • Sony has launched the official site for this Neil Gaiman adaptation.

Aeon Flux

  • Another new official site. Nothing much there, just a placeholder for now.

Batman Begins

  • A ton of updates have been made to what was before a fairly thin site. Definitely check it out.


  • Not going to pontificate on this one too much since it will be the subject of next week’s column.

The Jacket

  • Another new site launched.

High Tension

  • Never heard of the movie, but JoBlo has a look at the U.S. poster for this thriller.

The Passion of the Christ

  • ComingSoon reports Mel Gibson will reissue the movie in theaters with five or six minutes of violence trimmed.


  • Paramount has thrown up a teaser site for the much-anticipated comics adaptation.

Be Cool

  • Click here for a look at some very cool character-themed banners from the Get Shorty sequel.


  • And here’s a trailer for what could be a pretty cool girl-power type flick.