Catching up on things from the last few weeks so this is going to be a long one. May want to settle in with a cup of coffee.

Sin City

  • The new trailer is up at Yahoo! Movies and has immediately put this one on my “To See In 2005” list.
  • ComingSoon was given high-res versions of the posters so go on over to check those out.

Fantastic Four

  • Rumors are the first trailers will be attached to next week’s release of Elektra (also a Fox production).

Kingdom of Heaven

  • Not only is the official site now active, but it also contains a trailer (only in QuickTime – go to Yahoo! for a Windows Media version) which, despite my better judgment, I actually thought worked pretty well. Maybe with Ridley Scott on this one I just have a better sense of it.

The Ring Two

  • The official site is now up and has a fair amount of content, including the full trailer.

Hide & Seek

  • Fairly cool and interactive official site for the new, non Ben Stiller-starring Robert DeNiro movie is now up and running.

War of the Worlds

  • ComingSoon has the first official photo from this up comer.
  • The official site has also been updated with a new look.

V For Vendetta

  • There’s a first look at the poster for this adaptation (which reportedly will star Natalie Portman) here. I can’t tell you how much I don’t like the “An Uncompromising…” line at the top of the poster.

The Pacifier

  • Urm… Vin Deisel in a Disney family comedy? See the poster here. Remind anyone else of Hulk Hogan in Mr. Nanny?


  • First one-sheet for this one is also now available. Three words: Big. Red. McConaughey.

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

  • Cast members from all six films got together for this Vanity Fair cover. Very cool for geeks such as myself.


  • Yet another official site has launched.


  • The site has updated with a bunch of new content, just in time for the release date.
  • So has the soundtrack’s site.
  • The first four pages of the comic adaptation have been posted online (spoiler warning).
  • A lot of stories have been making the rounds on star Jennifer Garner having some sort of viral infection that caused her to bow out of some publicity activities. Apparently whatever it was has cleared up just in time.

Batman Begins

  • A hi-res version of the trailer is now at the official site.

Danny the Dog

  • Never heard of this movie before, but it looks pretty cool. Here’s a link to view the poster and trailer.

Alone in the Dark

  • This one is just flying onto my radar. Here’s a link to the trailer at IGN.


  • Official site = now active.

The Longest Yard

  • New poster with Sandler’s big scary head front and center.