MPAA: R (violence and some sexuality)
Budget: $185M
Gross: $133M
Market: Did you enjoy the other 17 sword and sandal epics that included thousands of CGI arrows flying through the sky? Are you a woman (or a man) who enjoys seeing guys like Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana all sandy and sweaty? Then this one’s for you!

Harod & Kuman Go to White Castle – Extreme Unrated Edition
MPAA R (language and a host of other reasons)
Budget: $9M
Gross: $18M
Market: People who can’t get enough of Dazed and Confused but still feel insulted by the American Pie movies. There’s a fine line there but I get the feeling from everything I read about this one that it treads it very well.

Little Black Book
MPAA: PG-13 (sexual content and humor)
Budget: $35M
Gross: $20M
Market: It’s interesting because as I watched the commercials and the trailer for this I think I actually saw Holly Hunter wondering what the hell she was doing there. If you are looking for a simple romantic comedy on a weekend night than this one may be up your alley.

Television & Box Sets
CSI: Miami – Complete Second Season
Market: I’m personally not into these shows but they do seem to be huge so I’m sure there will be a large audience ready to snap this up.

God the Devil & Bob
Market: The five people who remember this when it aired for about 12 minutes. Maybe the producers are hoping for a Family Guy-esque rebirth.

Las Vegas: Season One
Market: Isn’t the first season of this show still being aired? Are we already in season two? Does anyone think James Caan doesn’t cry himself to sleep most nights?

Millenium: Season 2
Market: Chris Carter was once Fox television’s golden boy. He had done the X-Files and this was his first attempt at branching out from that. Never got into it myself but knew it had the same sort of arc-heavy style that X-F did.

Question to ponder: When will J.J. Abrams fall the way Carter, David E. Kelley and Aaron Sorkin have? Remember, though, that Sorkin was pushed.