Just to make sure no marketing opportunity is left unexplored, Sony appears ready to release the first two seasons of Bewitched just in time to tie in to the movie.

Cinderella Man
The official site now has a trailer (or at least the link to a trailer). I’m sure there is some sort of financial arrangement behind the video being on AOL Moviefone’s site and not the actual sites.

Miss Congeniality 2
Watch the trailer and try to decide for yourself whether:
1) This is a sign of the end-times
2) William Shatner has his own gravitational pull
3) Deidrich Bader is pining for a Drew Carey Show reunion special
4) All of the above

JoBlo provides the link to a new international trailer.

Various sites provide links to the new trailer and posters, both of which seem much cooler than the teaser versions. Note how all the promotional materials tie this to the team that brought us X-Men and don’t mention Daredevil.

Longest Yard
Adam Sandler destroys whatever goodwill he built up with Punch-Drunk Love and Spanglish in another dopey comedy. This doesn’t look quite as bad as Happy Gilmore, but not by much.

Pink Panther
MTV has the trailer, which doesn’t look as bad as I had feared.

First trailer is up at Yahoo! On the down side, it doesn’t look like another Indiana Jones, but on the upside it also doesn’t look another National Treasure. This is due mostly to the presence of Steve Zahn and William H. Macy.

The New World
The official site has launched, complete with a trailer that is wonderfully stirring. Looks like Terrence Mallick has created another moving tone-poem of a movie.

Sin City
Moviefone has a new trailer and some posters up for viewing. This may move up on my “too-see” list as more material comes out.

Misc. Items

JoBlo has an excellent catch-all of new posters and trailers.

Rumors are running around about Joss Whedon taking on writing and directing duties for Wonder Woman.

Jeff Wells posted this the other day:

Notice to marketing guys and trailer editors: if you cut together 50 or 60 snips
from a film and shoot them out machine-gun style, like 90% of the trailers do
these days, you can make a film seem interesting or sexy or whatever. Except
this trick has used so often it’s not interesting any more. To me, rapid-fire
machine-gun cuts in trailers are a coded message that says, “Watch out, this
film may have something to hide.

See you all in January!