Quick Takes: 12/17/04

Various outlets have posted a new super-sized version of the new poster.

XXX: State of the Union
An incredibly lame trailer is now online at the official site.

FilmForce has a teaser trailer available for this new Bruce Willis flick.

The site for this new Nicholas Cage/Michael Caine comedy (?) is now active but doesn’t contain much.

The Ring Two
More good stuff from IGN’s FimForce as they have the new teaser poster for Ring Two.

War of the Worlds
Here’s a look at the second teaser poster for the Spielberg-helmed sci-fi remake. Does this remind anyone else of Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s poster?

TV networks and movie marketing

MediaDailyNews 12-17-04

I wanted to make special notice of this article by Joe Mandese at MediaPost.com.

Mr. Mandese researches how much “A” network time is given to movie marketing and what, if any, correlation exists between a movie studio and TV network who share corporate parents. It’s a wonderful read and I hope you all check it out.