Batman Begins
The title of this post refers to the teaser poster now available for viewing at the above-linked official site. I shorted out three keyboards drooling over this one. I then went through two more over this international version.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
JoBlo has two new posters for this Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt caper.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
The product tie-ins continue as Papa John’s Pizza announces it will deliver a demo CD-ROM with movie content with order of a special pizza.

MTV has an exclusive trailer which runs slightly longer than the official one on their site. Both look, well, lame.

Assault on Precinct 13
JoBlo obtained the perfectly awful poster for this remake.

War of the Worlds
The official site has a teaser trailer on it now. I can’t comment since I don’t have QuickTime installed on this PC. Why only one version?

Son of the Mask
This one is just now flying onto my radar. If you want to see what might be the worst film idea of the year, surf on over as the website is filling up with content.

Be Cool
Yahoo! has a teaser trailer for the Get Shorty sequel. It’s not bad, but what’s obviously lacking is Barry Sonnenfeld’s sense of humor. How come no one is making more of the fact that this reunites Travolta, Thurman and Keitel from Pulp Fiction?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Yahoo! also has the first teaser for this one. It looks like Tim Burton has his fastball back after the almost career-destroying Planet of the Apes and then the minor-league rehab-stint that was Big Fish.

Fantastic Four
There’s a great group shot of the team on SuperHeroHype!. Also, word is Disney has moved its Chicken Little release away from FF’s.

The official site of the movie’s soundtrack has opened up.