Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
Budget: $130M
Gross: $250M (just shy)
DVD Formats: 2 Disc set (Widescreen or Full Screen formats)
Market: The same friggin’ mix of preteens and baby boomers who feel reading the books and seeing the subsequent movies helps them hold on to their youth. This one will be gone from your local rental store faster than you can say “muggle”, whatever the hell that means.

The Terminal (2004)
MPAA: PG-13 (brief language and reference to drugs)
Budget: $60M
Gross: $77M
DVD Formats: 2 disc set (widescreen or full screen) or 3 disc set
Market: Everyone with a pulse but they will be making a concerted effort to bring in all the people (and based on the box office there were quite a few of you) who missed this in the theater. It’s the perfect piece of candy corn for a cool fall evening, much more so than escapist summer entertainment.

Sleepover (2004)
Budget: $10M
Gross: $8M
DVD Format: Widescreen
Market: Wait a minute: This is directed by Joe Nussbaum? The same Nussbaum who wrote and directed George Lucas in Love, one of the funniest things in recent years? What the hell? I can’t even muster the strength…

Off the Beaten Path
Tanner on Tanner (2004)
Budget: N/A
Gross: N/A
DVD Format: Not sure.
Market: This follow up mini-series to the original Showtime mini-series was placed on the Sundance channel right in the heat of the actual Presidential race. Considering co-creators Garry Trudeau and Robert Altman’s political leanings, this is likely to appeal more to the left-wingers in the population. Of course put those two things (Sundance channel original and politically lefty) together and anyone interested will probably have to look hard for this one and are more likely to have to go online to rent it.

Cloak and Dagger (1984)
Gross: $9.7M
DVD Format: Widescreen
Market: This is a childhood favorite of mine, which is why I’m including it here. Good fun and a wonderful performance in dual roles by Dabney Coleman. Anybody else remember this one?

Television and Box Sets
Golden Girls: Season One
Market: ………….

Star Wars: Animated Ewoks, Animated Droids and Ewok Movies
Market: Fan boys. Pure and simple. Those (like me) who want it all: anything associated with Star Wars. The only disappointment is that the animated Ewoks and Droids sets aren’t complete seasons. Instead they are “movies” that consist of four or five episodes of a story arc cobbled together. The Ewok movies are the ones that you have nightmares of, especially considering one of them stars Wilford Brimley. Run, don’t walk to your local store to pick these up.

Home Improvement: Season One
Market: The same folks who are chomping at the bit to see Christmas With the Kranks and think Jungle 2 Jungle is the end all be all. I love the TV on DVD trend as much as anybody, but what’s the replay value here? This is in contrast to…

Seinfeld: Seasons One, Two and Three
NOTE: Seasons one and two come together. Season three is sold individually but there is a “Re-Gift” box set of all three.
Market: This could go up there with the Simpsons as one of the all-time best selling TV shows on DVD. I can’t think of one good reason why everyone wouldn’t want this in their collection (and please note, that not liking the show is not a good reason as there is no reason not to like it).