In April of 2003 I began working for Blockbuster as a lowly worker-bee.  The best part about this employment (which was part-time in addition to my full-time job) was that I got five free rentals a week.  This included movies that weren’t hitting shelves until the next Tuesday.

I stopped working there in January 2004 for personal reasons.  The company had been great, the people I worked with were fantastic, especially my manager, and I loved the free rents, but life dictated other things.  So after about a month I signed up for the Movie Pass program, which gives you unlimited rentals in a month for a flat monthly fee.  The first month I did this I rented 40 titles.  Just to break that down, I paid $24.99 for the Movie Pass.  40 titles at $3.99 a pop would have otherwise cost me $159.60.  The second month I had the pass for I rented 20 movies ($79.80 worth).

I had been thinking about buying another pass and kind of knew it would be sometime in the next few weeks when I saw a commercial advertising a $14.99 sale when you buy a new Movie Pass.  Couldn’t resist.  I went that morning and bought one.  Rented two movies when I bought it, so I have already used $7.98 of the total cost.  Two more and I’ve gotten my money’s worth and everything else is gravy.

Gotta love a sale.