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Movie Marketing Madness: Creed

The Rocky movies are part of the American mythos and, in fact, do a lot to reflect that mythos back to the audience. The original movie was all about a guy who worked hard, put in his time and rose from the rundown streets of Philadelphia to be a champion, the ultimate “pull yourself up … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Our Brand Is Crisis

We’re hip deep in the Presidential race right now and there’s still over a year before the actual election. Which means that what’s going on right now isn’t so much “politics” as it is “political messaging.” We’re being spun, advertised to and so on. It’s a battle of sound bites and attacks, with little substantive … Continue reading

Creed Comes Out Swinging as First Promoted Moment

When Twitter launched Moments a couple weeks ago they announced that while advertising wasn’t a part of the news curation product it would be coming soon. And everyone speculated – myself included – that movie studios would be among the first adopters of the new ad unit. Well…we were right. Promoted Moments has been introduced … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Pan

The Peter Pan story is kind of frightening, when you think about it. A group of kids are left on their own to defend their land and possessions – even their lives – against a group of pirates who obviously have no problem straight-up murdering them. And in the middle of that a girl and … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: The Intern

“Late life reinvention” is a pretty common movie trope. It’s a subset of the fish-out-of water idea along with “Adult returns to their childhood home town and rediscovers her/himself” and other story outlines that allow for an easy character arc. The LLR framework allows for the storyteller to put an older character who otherwise should … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Black Mass

We do love our bad guys, don’t we? Pop culture is littered with them right now as TV shows, movies, books and comics all focus on the villains, often to tell their origin stories or in some way present them as characters that, if not sympathetic are at least relatable. There’s something about the current … Continue reading

Studios Have Spent Over $1b on TV This Year

That’s according to this MediaPost story, which says this year’s spending of $1.07b is actually up slightly from last year’s $1.04b expenditure. There are some standout stats from the story, including that Warner Bros. spent $36m on TV ads for San Andreas, which has a domestic box office take to date of $154m (one third … Continue reading

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