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Movie Marketing Madness: Spotlight

Journalism is a powerful thing. That’s something we may be forgetting in the age of click-bait and investigative reporting that’s more about shocking the public with stories that focus more on the reporter than the subject. But journalism can bring down governments and other leaders. It can positively impact society in meaningful ways. It can … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Spectre

There is no bad in Bond. Oh sure there’s “lesser Bond” (I’m looking at you, Roger Moore) but for me at least even that lesser Bond is still a better time at the movies or with a movie than most other options. Not only am I just a big fan of spy stories, having grown … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: The Peanuts Movie

It’s likely – almost certainly, in fact – inaccurate to say “everyone loves The Peanuts.” But that’s kind of how it seems at times. An entire generation – the one I’m a part of – grew up with the beloved TV specials every holiday. And many people in that generation as well as the one … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Miss You Already

Who’s your best friend? The person who knows all your secrets, who you share everything with and who not only doesn’t judge you but who still loves you? Everyone should have one of those people in their life, the kind of person who will be your emergency phone call when you need to disappear a … Continue reading

U.S. Bloggers Need Social for Traffic, At Least For Now

Some interesting stats in this new study of the habits of U.S. blog publishers. It’s almost exactly a 50/50 split in terms of those who post anywhere from weekly to several times a day and those who post less frequently, including “at irregular intervals,” which translates to “whenever the mood strikes them.” When it comes … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Our Brand Is Crisis

We’re hip deep in the Presidential race right now and there’s still over a year before the actual election. Which means that what’s going on right now isn’t so much “politics” as it is “political messaging.” We’re being spun, advertised to and so on. It’s a battle of sound bites and attacks, with little substantive … Continue reading

New UMass Corporate Social Media Usage Stats

New from me on PNConnect: The University of Massachusetts’ Center for Marketing Research is out with its annual look at social media usage among Fortune 500 companies. There are some surprising – and some not-so-surprising – findings in the results.First, corporate blog usage continues to decline. This tactic peaked in 2013 at 34% but has … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Burnt

Do you have a passion? I’m not talking about something that you just like doing or which interests you. I’m talking about something that burns inside you. A passion isn’t a hobby. It’s the voices in your head that pester you until you give in and do what they’re driving you to do. It’s what … Continue reading

Creed Comes Out Swinging as First Promoted Moment

When Twitter launched Moments a couple weeks ago they announced that while advertising wasn’t a part of the news curation product it would be coming soon. And everyone speculated – myself included – that movie studios would be among the first adopters of the new ad unit. Well…we were right. Promoted Moments has been introduced … Continue reading

Social Customer Care Should Narrow the Focus

The latest from me on Voce Nation: The perception, as we’ve noted before, is that every content program should be engaging with 100% of the replies, mentions and comments coming in from customers. And, as we’ve noted before, this expectation remains utter and complete malarkey. That reality was reinforced by a representative from LinkedIn (a … Continue reading

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