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Quick Takes: 11/03/12 (Part 2)

  • NASA creates compelling content by opening the intake flow to all departments, yes. They also went to Mars, which is a great news hook. But I digress.
  • I’m fascinated by the notion that the number of self-published books has risen 287% since 2006.
  • Note to NHL (and every other company): When there are vast swaths of people out there who are tremendously honked off at you and want you to stop whatever it is you’re doing that’s making them angry, don’t tell them to keep calm, no matter how tongue-in-cheek you meant it.
  • Yeah, Eventbrite may be building its own social network based around people’s activities but it’s still a big leap to getting those people to do more on that platform that would make it a viable stand-alone community.
  • Shorter version of this post: Have lots of evergreen content in the queue that you can use for when it’s a slow news day and there isn’t much in the way of breaking news to talk about. Always been good advice (that’s why I’ve been giving it for 6+ years to clients) and that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a whole newsroom culture/structure.
  • Pinterest is launching verified profiles, something that could be of major interest to businesses who are beginning to dip their toes in the Pinterest waters.


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