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As always, ROI in social media is going to be a target of your choosing. It may not be sales, it may not be clicks, but it should be something that gets buy in from all major stakeholders on a project. Which is why this is a problem.

Movie Marketing Madness: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Film adaptations of weighty literary tomes – I’m not talking about sheer page count like with The Lord of the Rings and other such films but the ones that are philosophically deep as well as sometimes just long – are usually tough to do. Inevitably some of the source book’s original meaning and depth are … Continue reading

Putting the CEO in front

Interesting that as a number of companies put their CEOs in traditional ads (Chicago Tribune, 9/25/09) some “branding experts” say that’s not what people want to see in commercials. That thinking runs counter to conventional wisdom in the social media marketing field, where having a C-suite executive be the one writing a blog or running … Continue reading

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