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Quick Takes 7/12/07

Time Magazine has a recap of some of this summer’s movie’s more innovative marketing efforts. What’s really nice about this is that it shows how each one really tried to do something different but at the same time stayed true to some aspect of the movie it was promoting. The Florida Times-Union looks at how … Continue reading

LOTD: 7/12/07

The idea that big radio station owners like Clear Channel are using stats related to the most popular illegally downloaded music to determine their own playlists makes me warm and fuzzy for some reason. Anyone else? (CT) The CEO of Whole Foods appears to have gotten himself into an all-naturally sticky situation now that it’s … Continue reading

United Talent Agency exec leaves to run online distribution company

Brent Weinstein, who has headed the online division of United Talent Agency, has left UTA to run 60Frames, a new online syndication company, reports Variety – and AdAge – and The New York Times. 60Frames has the financial backing of both UTA and SpotRunner, a firm that allows companies to advertise on TV through the … Continue reading

Lionsgate invests in Break.com

Major-minor studio Lionsgate has invested an undisclosed sum in online video site Break.com, reports MediaWeek. The partnership will turn Break.com into an online distribution platform for Lionsgate’s library of movies and TV shows. Break, in turn, will become a minor league system the studio can look to for new talent. Lionsgate will also likely use … Continue reading

Quote of the Day 7/12/07

From Karina at Spout: That new Harry Potter movie is already making a lot of money. Yawn. Wake me when Hermione has her first sex scandal.

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