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“With a name like Twitter, it has to be porn.”

I’m blatantly stealing the above quote from The Biro, but I wanted to note that I, too, am now addicted to Twitter. Someone said it’s like a back-channel for the entire internet and that’s largely true. If you also are on Twitter feel free to ping me and see where I am.

Change your thinking, change the world

A whole bunch of stories have hit that all revolve around how the system for content research, distribution and more has changed for movies. The first thing to keep in mind is that, as Andrew at PaidContent reports, companies now have the ability to go directly to the end audience with either news or entertainment. … Continue reading

Quick Takes: 3/13/07

Defamer passes on an open call for Halle Berry or Bruce Willis lookalikes to participate in street marketing stunts related to their upcoming movie Perfect Stranger. If you’re interested they have the details on how to submit your headshots and such. Trigger has created an online sniper game for to promote Paramount’s upcoming flick Shooter. … Continue reading

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