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Welcome to the Orwellian state

I think there’s very little doubt among people who don’t have their heads up their hinders that we’re living in a country that is teetering ever more toward totalitarianism.  There’s a number of posts and other things out there that highlight this, including the concept that the “War on Terror” doesn’t really exist and is … Continue reading

Pimp my blog

Anybody wanna do a lot of work for little but name recognition on a movie marketing blog? I’m looking for someone to trick-out M3, pretty much from the ground up. Things I’m looking for: I’d like to keep the stuff in the nav-bar intact but don’t care where it winds up. I’d like to see … Continue reading

Cannes posters

JoBlo has a couple of posts collecting some of the best posters spotted in and around the Cannes Festival that just wrapped up. I can’t sum up all of the movies that get spotlit but suffice it to say there are some good and some bad and then there’s Rambo 4. Check out Part 1 … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: X-Men: The Last Stand

I loved the idea of a third X-Men movie up until a certain point. The first two movies were, in chronological order, very good and freakin’ fantastic. And the end of the second movie pretty effectively telegraphed what the third one would cover when it showed a Phoenix-like shape under the water where Jean Grey … Continue reading

Odds & Ends: 5/23/06

Could the campaign for Jackass 2 suck anymore? Check out the poster if you’re unsure. Alan thinks the TV spots for Superman Returns is giving away too much. I disagree since I seem to think all the spots are just recycling the same footage over and over again. Yeah, some things have been spoiled but … Continue reading

Blogs and music marketing

Mack once again dives into music marketing and the embrace of the blogging community.  Fantastic read.

Bloggers vs. MySpace as promotional outlets

Mack is talking about music but if you replace “music” with “movies” the advice he gives is applicable to that industry as well. And yes, I know I’ve linked to Mack Collier three times today.  He’s that good.

Movie Marketing Madness: The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code has a three year head start on most of the other major motion pictures being released this summer. Yes, we’ve heard about Superman Returns and X-Men III for a while now but none has the leg up the Da Vinci does. The astounding success of the book has been in essence … Continue reading

Lying is OK, as long as you have the NSA’s permission

Think Progress » New Presidential Memorandum Permits Intelligence Director To Authorize Telcos To Lie Without Violating Securities Law

VOD fiinally gets some tie-in loving

Movie studios have finally begun experimenting with promotional partners and tie-ins for the video-on-demand presentation of the films. As VOD increases to gain market penetration studios are seeing this as yet another way they – and their marketing partners – can reach people in their homes. Marketers have been quick to express interest but slow … Continue reading

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