Chicken Little pumpkin stencil

No, MMM hasn’t turned into another arm of Disney’s marketing department. It’s just that when I get this stuff I feel it’s my job to pass it on to y’all. Anyway, just in time for Halloween you can download this ZIP file and get your own Chicken Little pumpkin stencil.

National Lampoon's Adam & Eve trailer

Invoking the holy name of Animal House in this trailer for Adam & Eve, the latest college-campus comedy under the National Lampoon’s banner, is something on the order of sacrelige. There’s nothing that appears to be half as clever as even Van Wilder from a few years ago. Hang your head in shame Lampooners. This is a new low.

Three of Hearts trailer

I wasn’t completely convinced that Three of Hearts was a documentary and not a work of fiction. The people just seem too contrived to be real in this story of a woman who enters a relationship with two men who are also in a relationship together. After watching the trailer I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something is being pulled over on someone but I admit it’s sometimes hard to tell from a trailer.

Transamerica trailer

I have to admit this trailer makes Transamerica look much funnier than I initially thought it was going to be. Last week I took the Weinstein company to task for producing a poster I didn’t think captured the nature of the movie. I take that back and my appreciation for the poster is now increased as I think it fits in perfectly with the trailer. That being said watching the trailer is a bit tough. I love Felicity Huffman (way back to Spanish Prisoner and “Sports Night“) and while it looks like she gives a great performance in this it’s hard to watch someone who’s so beautiful under makeup designed to make her look like a man who’s undergone surgery and treatment to become a woman.